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Services Offered

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Botanical Medicine:

Botanical medicine involves using plants or extracts isolated from plants for medicinal purposes. Plants have been used for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of conditions, and there is now a good body of scientific evidence supporting many of the plant's traditional uses.  In fact many of the pharmaceutical drugs that we use today are compounds, either directly isolated or manufactured to mimic, the healing properties of nature.  Botanical medicine can be used on its own or in combination with other modalities to effectively help address your health concerns.         

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Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture:

Deeply routed in tradition, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been successfully used for over two thousand years to treat a variety of conditions. Treatments used in TCM include acupuncture, cupping, massage (Tui Na), and herbal supplements, all which help to bring the body's systems back into balance.

Acupuncture has been shown to help improve blood flow, support immune function, and decrease pain. Dr. Tassone uses acupuncture to help address conditions such as chronic stress, fatigue, hormone and fertility issues, as well as musculo-skeletal (soft tissue) injuries. 


Nutrition & Lifestyle Counselling:

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates. Nutrition lies at the heart of Naturopathic Medicine. If the body is a temple of good health, then nutrition is the foundation upon which it has been built. Dr. Tassone utilizes nutritional analysis and counseling to help his patients achieve optimal health.  Whether your goal is to lose a few pounds, are in need of a detox, or are an elite athlete in training, Dr. Tassone can put together a program to meet your individual needs. 

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Sports Medicine:

Having played sports all his life and being a self-proclaimed weekend warrior, Dr. Tassone has a keen interest in sports medicine.  Dr. Tassone has focused much of his clinical practice in this area, and utilizes all of the extensive modalities that Naturopathic Medicine has to offer to maximize performance, reduce injury, and speed recovery time.  Dr. Tassone is currently a faculty member in the Physical Medicine department at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine where he teaches orthopedic testing and differential diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions.


Often in today's fast paced society we do not take the time to eat as well as we should. And while Dr. Tassone believes that we can get most everything our bodies need from a well balanced, nutrient rich diet, there are times that additional supplementation of certain nutrients can be beneficial - particularly during periods of chronic stress and illness. Self supplementation without the advice/supervision of a licensed healthcare professional can be unnecessary and dangerous.  Book an appointment with Dr. Tassone today to discuss what would be beneficial for you.



Homeopathy utilizes very dilute substances based on the foundational principle "like cures like" to stimulate the body's own innate healing process. In Europe, homeopathy is utilized in many hospitals along side conventional treatments to treat a wide variety of conditions.  Homeopathy can be a very safe and effective alternative for expecting mothers and in children when other treatments should be avoided. When appropriate, Dr. Tassone uses homeopathy in conjunction with other modalities to help speed healing time.

IV & Injection Therapies (Prolotherapy & Neural Therapy):

IV (intravenous) therapy allows Dr. Tassone to infuse vitamins and minerals at a much higher dose than what would be possible by taking supplements orally, as it bypasses digestion and eliminates the risk of digestive upset. High dose nutrients can provide a much needed energy boost, support detoxification pathways, and strength immune function.

Prolotherapy, short for proliferative therapy or regeneration therapy, involves injecting a solution into and around the affected joint to stimulate important growth factors involved in the body's natural inflammatory process. This acts to improve healing and decrease pain associated with conditions such as osteoarthritis, sports injuries, and chronic pain. 

Neural therapy involves injecting a small amount of a local anesthetic and can be useful in treating acute and chronic soft tissue injuries, releasing myofascial restrictions associated with scarring, and relieving pain associated with trigger points.

Laboratory Testing:

Laboratory testing can be useful for diagnosing and monitoring certain conditions, as well as can be beneficial for assessing a treatment's effectiveness.  Dr. Tassone believes in a scientific evidence-based approach to medicine and therefore offers a variety of in-office testing including:

  • Food Sensitivity Testing

  • Salivary and Urine Hormone Testing

  • Thyroid Function Testing

  • Candida Testing

  • Celiac Assessment

  • Strep Test

  • Pregnancy Test

  • Urinalysis

Prescription Authority:

Naturopathic Doctors are licensed and certified to prescribe pharmaceuticals in the province of British Columbia. While this may seem contradictory to the Naturopathic approach, often pharmaceuticals can be used safely in-conjunction with natural health products, sometimes reducing the amount needed to be taken and therefore reducing the likelihood of drug side effects. Dr. Tassone's extensive training allows him to minimize interactions between medications and natural health products, while maximizing effectiveness and reducing side effects.