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About Dr. Tassone

Book your appointment today  & begin   your journey to the optimal you!

Book your appointment today & begin your journey to the optimal you!

Born in the small town of Jasper, Alberta, Dr. Michael Tassone quickly grew to love and appreciate all things outdoors as well as value the importance of a strong sense of community.  Upon completing his Bachelor of Science in the Faculty of Health Sciences with a focus in environmental toxicology and infectious disease at Simon Fraser University, Dr. Tassone embarked upon becoming a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine (BINM).

Dr. Tassone firmly believes in the Naturopathic Principle "Doctor as Teacher" and as such, strives to educate and empower each patient to take charge of their own health. He does so by providing individualized treatment plans to address the root cause of illness with an emphasis on prevention and healthy living. The path to optimal health is often not straightforward, therefore Dr. Tassone helps guide and support his patients down their own journey to optimal health and well being.

True to his love of sports medicine and life long learning, Dr. Tassone serves as a Faculty Instructor at BINM in the Department of Physical Medicine, where he teaches Orthopaedic Testing and Public Health. This enables him to give back to the Naturopathic community, as well as ensures that he is up to date on the latest research in order to provide the best possible care.

As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and primary healthcare provider, Dr. Tassone cares for patients of all ages and can address any types of health concerns from the common cold to chronic conditions.



  • BSc. Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University

  • Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, BINM



  • Faculty Instructor, Department of Physical Medicine, BINM

  • Faculty Instructor, Public Health, BINM

  • Continuing Education Instructor, ProHealth Systems


  • Pharmaceutical Prescription Authority Certification 

  • Advanced Injection Therapy Certification (Prolotherapy)

  • IV & Chelation Certification 

  • Acupuncture Certification 

  • Neural Therapy Training 

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support & CPR